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Every encounter with Original Radeberger Herbal Liqueur brings connoisseurs to the heights of international herbal liqueur quality. This authentic recipe from the world-famous manufacturing region of Saxony has kept its fascinating secret since 1877. The legendary recipe from the 19th century, once the first choice of kings, has come into its own today more than ever before. The amber glow and rich aroma of exquisite herbal essences herald a pleasure that is still unrivalled to this day. Knowledge about the magical power of herbs and the masterful skill of Saxon distillers, inherited across generations, have brought Original Radeberger Herbal Liqueur worldwide recognition. But the satisfaction of every single connoisseur remains the sincere concern of this great spirit.


In the small town of Radeberg near Dresden, Wilhelm Richter founded the “Golden Sun Steam Distillery and Liqueur Factory” in 1877. This is where Richter created a “medicinal bitter” of the very best quality, the recipe for which he worked on meticulously for a long time.

The recipe contains valuable herbs and spices such as Ceylon cinnamon bark, gentian root, cloves, ginger, orange and cardamom.

The new liqueur quickly became a success and with the appointment as supplier of the Royal Saxon Court, the “Golden Sun” finally became a byword for quality and well-being.

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Radeberger Reserve

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The Radeberger Reserve is a valued curiosity indeed. In true Saxon manufacturing tradition, our master distiller has never given up trying to make the best even better.

Radeberger Reserve