We would like to make clear that the products offered on this website contain alcohol. We are aware of our responsibility, and marketing our products appropriately is important to us.

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A tradition of enjoyment

A little more sun...

In reference to the origin of the original Radeberger Herbal Liqueur, namely the “Golden Sun Steam Distillery and Liqueur Factory”, we have always given the recommendation, “Just a little more sun!” Even back then, connoisseurs knew of the beneficial and invigorating effects of Radeberger herbs.

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We still make use of this knowledge today when we end a good meal by enjoying a high-quality digestif such as Original Radeberger Herbal Liqueur. In order to ensure the valuable ingredients have their full digestible effect, an Original Radeberger Herbal Liqueur should preferably be enjoyed neat. Only unadulterated enjoyment does justice to the quality and careful selection of the herbs, roots and spices used.

In addition to its wholesomeness and digestive properties, Original Radeberger Herbal Liqueur has an aroma that is both spicy and intense, while at the same time being rather mild. This makes it a delicious spirit that can be enjoyed at any time at your own leisure.